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This rambling blog is about attempts to build a couple of simple stations in both 1:87 and 1:45. The available space is rather small for both HO and O scale but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most rural stations were merely a curved loop and a siding, which is easy to replicate.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lübars - a village on the outskirts of Berlin


The more astute will have noticed that the 'Pottendorf' blog has not been updated in almost a month, spare time has been devoted to the creation of a small cameo layout -
Lübars, based upon a line to a village on the outskirts of Berlin during the 1910's. 

The tiny cameo layout featured below can be built within a year and will provide a great deal of personal satisfaction for those baby-boomers who grew up with plastic kits and still want to do something with their hands and mind. 

Mindful of the fact that no one gets any younger, I retired from exhibiting in 2014 however an idea kept rattling about which simply would not go away. The inspiration for the trackplan is similar version of a layout that I built in 2006 - Grafenwalde.
A video and photo of Grafenwalde:

Peco code 75 and integrated DCC loco with turnout control are at the core of the layout, whilst the familiar Kibri kits will be making a welcome re-appearance. Just a T3 and T9.3 are needed for motive power with no more than a handful of small wagons and a few coaches.  

Hopefully everything will fit in a hatchback, especially as the boards are only 1200mm long, making them easier and lighter to handle.The backscenes will form a protective 'box' for the scenic boards whilst separate cool LED-strip lighting will be independent illumination.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Typical Bavarian train

A real Bayerische lokalbahn train - originally made by SCE Modellbau, at least 30 years old and rebuilt in 2016.


The models were collected over five years from a variety of sources, with help from Dieter, Richard, Mike and Neil, my thanks to everyone.

A nice companion to the new items from Lenz though the coaches are not the same.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Farm - a simple barn

 A simple barn is an essential feature of the countryside in Oberfranken and  Müllers Bruchbuden offers a rather nice resin kit although it might be just as easy to scrachbuild using  plywood and wood section sourced from a good model shop.

 Examples of this style of barn are to be found throughout the region though a visit to the countryside museum at Bad Windsheim is well worth the effort.

Construction of the kit seems to be straightforward however care is needed to remove the mould residue and excess flash from the components using a sanding block and P80 grade paper.

The design is basic and extra bracing is needed to ensure both strength and that the roof section will bond to the walls. Both UHU clear and a two-part expoxy was used in the construction, the resin kit is relatively weak until it is bonded to another layer. The wood sections and foamboard will provide a greater area for the large roof section to bond.


It should be noted that the roof sections have to be carefully orientated, check the direction of the pantile profile and mark the section to indicate the top.

A light dusting of Halford's plastic primer, another coat in the morning.

Whilst the terracotta pantile roof defines the location, this is painted with a mix of white and raw sienna artist's acrylic.  Painting and weathering is a mixture of diluted Lifecolour Frame Dirt painted with a 12mm flat sable and then dusted with a light grey mix of powder paint.  The corrugated iron roof was painted with a dry flat brush and raw sienna artist's acrylic paint.