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This rambling blog is about building a couple of simple layouts in HO, the available space is rather small but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most rural stations were merely a curved loop and a siding, which is easy to replicate.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The lever bench - der Hebelbank

A essential feature of minor German branchlines not often modelled are the control levers, better known as - der Hebelbank.

These images were taken at Pfarrweisach on 4 May 2002

Friday, 19 May 2017

Bayerische kleine Lokschuppen - 1

A small locoshed in Bavaria can be a rather distinctive affair with its attached accomodation for the loco crew.

Often timber-framed and rendered, they remained an iconic feature of the rural landscape for many years.

Lokschuppen Arnstorf 

The iconic Lokschuppen from Pola may need some improving but it is utterly typical of Bavaria, thankfully now revived by Faller.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Progress-2 Buildings

Please bear with me, the project started as a kleinbahn on the outskirts of Berlin but the attachment to the K.Bay.Sts.B. has proved to be overwheming. 

And now for the project's buildings - for many years Pola was the sole source of accurate buildings of Southern Germany and their eponymous Agenturgebäude and little Güterschuppen have lain, unused, for almost a quarter of a century on the 'rainy-day' shelf. 

The Güterschuppen is based on Krimml whilst the Agenturgebäude was based on the old wayside station at Rothhausen.